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Insulated Aerial Platforms Dubai
Our wide range of Insulated Aerial Platforms for
Live Line Maintenance
NAFFCO Live Line Insulator Washer
In the middle of the desert
Live Line Insulators Washing
With Tap Water
Easy Access to Live Line Maintenance & Repairs

NAFFCO Power is one of the strongest pillars and dedicated disciples of NAFFCO group with easy access to multiple electrical operations and maintenance services, NAFFCO Power specializes in offering complete solutions under one roof. Ranging from all types of Electrical Transmission, Distribution & Maintenance custom-made vehicles such as Live Line Maintenance platform, Live line Insulator Washer and Mobile Workshop, NAFFCO Power governs the future.

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NAFFCO Power offers a wide range of Insulated Aerial Platforms for Electrical transmission, Distribution & line maintenance from 9 meters and up to 65 meters working height.


NAFFCO Power offers you the most unique, efficient & economic insulator washers of the market, because of our long experience and technical expertise manufacturing live line insulator washers.

Mobile Test Van

NAFFCO Power offers an extensive product portfolio for power cable testing and fault location that utilizes innovative technology.


Recognized as one the leading manufacturer of the engineered vehicles, NAFFCO Power brings an unparalleled level of innovation, professionalism and quality to the market.


NAFFCO can solve power generation challenges with its mobile generator set trucks whether it is an emergency outage, a planned project or a temporary surge in demand. If you need to power a small tent or a small industrial plant, get the job done with customized NAFFCO solutions, services & support


NAFFCO Power offers you, Open Skid/Soundproof Canopy Weather & Soundproof Canopy


The world’s most advanced energy storage solution based on patented power electronics control technology makes it an environment-friendly alteration to conventional chemical batteries.

HY-BOLT 1000

NAFFCO Power offers the HY-BOLT 1000 is a high efficiency hybrid generator, capable of achieving greater performance

Production Excellence


NAFFCO’s extensive experience of special transmission, Distribution & Maintenance Vehicles over the last 20 years has been instrumental in the establishment and rapid development of NAFFCO Power.


NAFFCO manufacturing facility has the latest technology, state-of-the-art machines (CNC machines, hydraulic shearing and bending machines, all types of welding machines – MIG, TIG, ARC etc.).

Quality Control

To empower customers to secure Life, Property and Business by delivering high quality and innovative solutions using world class manufacturing process with the finest engineering and technology.

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