Super Cap 7.1kWH

Super Cap 7.1kWH


Performance Specifications


DC Energy 7100Wh
Voltage Range 44Vdc to 55Vdc
DC Voltage (Nominal) 48Vdc
Internal Resistance < 4mili Ohms

The world’s most advanced energy storage solution based on
patented power electronics control technology makes it
an environment-friendly alteration to conventional chemical
batteries, with much superior performance characteristics.

    • 10 years no degradation warranty
    • 100% depth of discharge
    • Ambient op. temperature -30°C to 60°C
    •  500,000 Cycles (at cell level)
    • Super fast charging rates
    • In-built safeties protect the module.
    • Safe-no risk of thermal runway.
    •  No heat generated during cycling
    • Remote monitoring

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