Insulated Aerial Platforms Type A – 138 KV & Above

Insulated Aerial Platforms Type A – 138 KV & Above



  • Live Line Maintenance Platform Units with live line working up to
    765kV at 67 meters height
  • Tested at 1.25M-Volt
  • Advanced Technology with Fiber optics control
  • Articulating, extendable, Insulated, Hydraulic Booms
  • Reliable maintenance without outages
Insulated Aerial Platforms Dubai

“NAFFCO has been manufacturing hydraulic insulated aerial platforms for many years for lower heights. Now developed higher range with foam filled boom as per ANSI & IEC standards”



  • Bare hands or potential working involves placing the technician in direct electrical contact with an energized overhead line. The technician will work alongside the lines from fully insulated platform. The technician works at the same potential (voltage) as of the line. (Equipotential condition with hot line that prevents flow of current through operator.)
  • Equipment is dielectric tested at the best world laboratory.



“Foam Filled” Technology utilized in NAFFCO insulator booms is unique and integral to the performance of the latest state of the art booms.

NAFFCO foam filled technology: epoxide-resin reinforced by glass fiber tube filled by high density polyurethane foam (closed particles).Completely complying with ANSI & IEC 1057 and succeeded to fulfil all types of tests as per ANSI & IEC 1057 specially:

  • Test of penetration for humidity of the foam filled boom.
  • Mechanical test for fatigue. (All electrical tests are carried out after fatigue test.)
  • IEC 1057 Type Test up to 1,250,000V



Model  T 65I
Rotation  360° Continuous
Maximum Live-Working Height  66.5m
Maximum Height  65.0m
Maximum Horizontal Outreach  22.5m
Rated Bucket Capacity  500 daN (2 men + tools)
Insulation Safe Working Load  500 kg
Insulation Rate  765 kV
Mounted on  Various chassis options

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