• Generator 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 kW
  • Intelligent Hybrid Module (IHM)
  • Up to 2 x Energy Storage Cubicle (ESC)
  • Up to 1500Ah Lithium Batteries each ESC


The HY-BOLT Flex Series is a combination of DC Generator which is housed in an enclosure and an external Modular Battery storage cubicle called Energy Storage Cubicle (ESC).

The DC Generator enclosure houses the Generator, Hybrid controller & optional Solar Charge Controllers (SCC).

The DC Generator capacities are either 10/20/30/40 kW whereas ESC provides upto 1500Ah capacity storage.

Up to 2 x ESC solutions availble i.e. 3000Ah max.

The Core technology enables the DC generator to run only a few hours per day to power the DC load and simultaneously store energy in the Energy Storage Cubicle (ESC). When the batteries are completely charged, the DC generator stops and the batteries continue to supply the load. When the battery bank reaches the set DoD (Depth of Discharge) the DC generator starts and cycles the battery again. When SCC are installed, engine running hours are furthermore reduced even down to zero.


HY-BOLT Flex Series – For Towercos & ESCO

The system is designed to efficiently power Telecommunication Tower Sites with lower Opex when compared to 24/7 generator operation.
The package is designed to be hassle free. And as an option can include 5/10 years consumable spare parts, based on the usage, as well as extended warranty subject to the respect of NAFFCO terms and operations
The fully integrated IIoT System guarantees real time monitoring of the expected performances

The HY-BOLT Flex (HBF) is a green scalable power solution specifically designed for TowerCos and ESCO.

It is a flexible solution to accomodate the different needs of tower companies taking in consideration the scalability of the tenants that could be added without changing the main structure.

A multi-tenants distribution power output can be embedded in the HBF or the output can be connected to an existing distribution panel to easily connect up to 4 tenants of 3kW,-48Vdc power each or a mix of that up to 12kW dc load.

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