• DC Hipot withstand testing up to 110 KV
  • Very low frequency (VLF) AC voltage 1-0.02 Hz High Voltage withstand test 132 KV power cables.
  • Burning down defective insulation of power cables.
  • Locating cable faults by the acoustic method and inductive method
  • Audio frequency cable route tracing and cable depth evaluation
  • Cable identification from a cable bundle.

“The HVT200, a compact and unique system, is the smaller and more affordable test van on the market to perform cable tests on assets with network volt-ages rated up to 138KV.  The test van  can perform quick and reliable cable fault location.”

The basic configuration of HVT120 includes the following functions:
• Very Low Frequency (VLF) AC 0.1 Hz High Voltage
• Withstand Tests
• VLF Partial Discharge Diagnosis Measurements
• VLF Dissipation Factor (Tan Delta) and Power Factor
• Measurements
• DC High Voltage Withstand Tests
• Burning Down of Defective Insulation
• Insulation Resistance Testing
• Cable Fault Pre-Location
• Precise Cable Fault Acoustic Pinpointing
• Cable Sheath Testing
• Audio Frequency Cable Route Tracing and Depth
• Evaluation
• Cable Phase Identification

Vehicle Design Features:
• Roof mounted air conditioner
• Internal lighting 220 VAC & 12V DC
• Insulated walls and roof for thermal and noise
• Special antistatic floor in operator area
• Special aluminum tread plate suitable for rough loading in high voltage area
• Partition wall, Operating desk & Swivel chair
• Drawers for storage of accessories

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